TV suggestions: 100% off

It’s said that a “Muft Mashwara” is the most common, the most abundant, the most easily accessible thing in the indo-pak subcontinent. Unfortunately our people don’t give a damn but ask those who do. who are they? I don’t know. But if you ever happen to know anyone of them, tell them to read this blog post. BTW if you want to proceed with this post, do it at your own risk as I have nothing interesting in my head today to blog about.

These are some of the TV series I personally label as Must Watch.


First comes the best of the best. Most amazing TV series every created by man; BBC’s Sherlock. You know Sherlock? Sherlock Holmes? Okay no need to give me this look, to ask a question like this, but there are still people on this planet who don’t know (Trust me, I am serious). So this ‘Sherlock’ show follow the adventures of the legendary detective, in the 21st century. How it would be like to see John Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Jim Moriarty, Mycroft Holmes and all the company in your time? What about 221 Baker Street? ………Seriously recommended to all human beings.

9.3/10 on IMDb (May 2014). 9 episodes 1 special, it won’t take long. *HD print recommended*. I say when you watch a masterpiece, better watch it in HD.

2) Second is Arrow. You miss it, you miss the best they have to offer. *HD print recommended.

You probably have seen “Green Arrow” in the animated series “Bat-man and his sidekicks” (Justice League). But this show takes the famous DC comic character to new heights and into a new dimension. A billionaire playboy ship-wreaked and survived 5 years on an island. Now he is back to his home town to be the hero it needs. A billionaire by day and hero by night. A story of mystery and action combined, it have all the elements for a perfect thriller. (Characters like black canary and flash are also linked within the story). A must watch indeed.

3) The Big Bang Theory


Its true that Britishers, Australians and Americans (or in easier words, all “goras”) really suck at comedy but this show is still worth watching. Its about 4 geeks (not nerds, as some people say #why?) and a girl, Penny, who wants to be an actress. The best part is that if you love science and have the desire to know more. It will not only keep you entertained but also the facts coming out of Sheldon’s mouth are actual facts. The writers have gone through a lot of serious research to write the dialogues. The soundtrack, well it makes even pointless jokes seem funny. SMART IS THE NEW SEXY.

4) Doctor Who


Now not every name have a century old fan base. A total of 800 episodes; but if you skip the black’n’white and 97 missing episodes, you are left with 7 seasons of 103 episodes and 11 specials. Seems like a lot of work, but its worth it. Sci-fi, time-travel, action, adventure, mystery, horror, British accent; how more sexier can it get?

*Good quality prints are available from season 2.

5) The Originals


You love Vampires, WareWolves, Witches and hybrids. Your friends watch The Vampire Diaries (another good show) but you don’t have time to watch its 5 seasons with 23 episodes each. Then watch The Originals. A twisty story of 3 siblings who really care for each other, but in their own different ways. Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca, the first of their kind Vampires. Klaus is a hybrid because he was a warewolf before he became a vampire. Thus the most powerful character in the show. (After her mother; the most powerful witch of all times, who made them vampires. And their father, a super powerful vampire hunter and Klaus’ biggest fear). Story begins as they return to their home town which they built and ruled for centuries. But the city is not theirs anymore; but its theirs to take; once again.

Other famous shows my friends recommend me, but I don’t watch, include: Hannibal (Too much killing and cannibalism), Super Naturals (They make fun of God and Angels), Grey’s Anatomy (Too much drama and also its for Medical students), The Living Dead (Zombies are creepy).

[+] Pakistan’s best: Pyaray Afzal

I may haven’t watched Humsafar etc ,but I can bet that this show is far more better than them. Maybe the best yet by any Private Pakistani TV channels. Day after day its scoring more hearts and also getting acclaimed by Pakistanis world wide. When you start watching, watch it from the first episode. #Review (No Spoilers).

Now these shows owe me some thanks, but they will never know. *sigh* I wish I could write, produce and direct a better Pakistani show than all of these. But that may never happen, so you have to do with these.

May the 4th be with you.

(Check the date if you don’t get it)

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